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Ronde Bleek 2a | 6029 PE | Sterksel | +31613230690| info@derondebleek.nl


On this page you will find basic information about “De Ronde Bleek” in English.

About “De Ronde Bleek”

De Ronde Bleek is a flyfishing only trout lake in the south-east of The Netherlands, nearby Eindhoven. It’s about 13 acres in total. The lake is well known for it’s large and healthy rainbow trout. Besides rainbow trout several other species of trout inhabit the lake: Brown trout, Elsässer Saibling (Salvelinus alpinus × fontinalis) and Artic Char.

Because of it’s good depth (13 meters) trout can survive all year, even during hot summers.

De Ronde Bleek is open 7 days a week, from sunrise till sunset.


Fishing costs €5,- an hour. A discount is available for fisherman who want to fish all day. Please contact us for more details.

There’s also the possibility to rent a raft with an electric motor. The rafts are very stable and are very well suited for two fisherman. The rafts cost €2,- an hour per person.

Arrangements for accommodation are also available. Please contact us for more details.


The health of the resident trout is extremely important to De Ronde Bleek, so we have a couple of important rules, to ensure good quality fish:
– Only barbless hooks
– Maximum 2 flies, each fitted with only one single hook
– No split-shots are allowed
– We advise to use a 6-weight rod at minimum, because we want the large fish (up to 10kg/22lbs) to survive after a fight
– At least 8 pound tippet